Walking Floor ® Trailers

Hydraulic Moving Floor trailers built to your specifications. Standard Biomass, Recycling and Waste spec. Trailers with a wide range of options. Alloy or steel body constructions, bmi give you more choice than any other manufacturer in Europe.

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Metal Mover

Specialist Walking Floor, manufactured solely for use in the scrap metal industry. Built with a Hardox body, this trailer is ideal for hauling heavy duty waste and scrap metal loads Tare weight of 11,000Kg compares well with typical 80Yd steel tipper but offers 105Yd capacity and a SAFE controlled unload. MetalMover is also available in larger and smaller capacities

Ejector Transfer Trailer

The undisputed, tried and tested, industry benchmark for tough, reliable and robust steel ejector trailers with over 15 years of development and design. Leak-proof and Alloy body variants complete the range with the new FastFloor smooth-sided ejector offering improved payload and fuel savings.

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Walking Floor ® Trailers

Hydraulic Moving Floor trailers built for ash, tarmac, Asphalt, aggregates and a wide range of other materials. Bmi Trailers offer you more choice than any other European manufacturer. Built in Britain.

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Welcome to the bmi group

Welcome to the bmi group, now recognized as the largest manufacturer of the full range of Walking Floor trailers in the UK.

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